We stock lovely vegetable oil soaps and soy wax candles. Guest soaps: three hearts in a pack, £2.49; 200g & 260g bars £4.99 & £5.99. We suggest Patchouii and Orange Blossom or Cinnamon and Orange fragrance for men, who also rather like the Pink Soap Pig. There’s also Briar Rose, Vintage Rose, Winter Flowers, Merry Christmas and Angel that matches the Thierry Mugler fragrance of the same name and is very popular with young women.


It’s Christmas!

So… yes… Christmas has arrived at Beaux Interieurs.

We have our usual fantastic selection of glass tree decorations including small Angels, Christmas crackers and many other unusual styles. There’s also a lot of traditional decorations as well. Check out the slideshow on the home page and then come in and take a look 1385956_808079995923888_7087143387067846579_n